Case Study 1:
Municipal Treatment with Belt Filter Press

Sewage Treatment Plant

Conventional activated sludge treatment, with primary and secondary clarification and chemical phosphorous removal.

Population serviced: 320,000
Average daily flow: 42 MIGD (190 MLD)
Sludge production: 50 t/day


Equipment: Simon-Ashbrook-Hartley 2 m belt press
Old Mixer: Venturi (flapper valve)
New mixer: 6” OPTIFLOC™
Flow: 70 – 130 IGPM (5.3-10 L/s)
Sludge type: Raw primary and secondary
Composition: 50-60% primary
40-50% secondary
Waste paper: 0-10%
Conditioner: Allied Colloids, dry, cationic Secodyne, mannich


Belt Filter Press


Belt Filter Press Performance

Venturi Optifloc™ Improvement
Feed TS (%) 3.3 3.3
Cake TS (%) 20.9 19.9 5%
Pressate TSS(mg/L) 2909 1309 55%
Dosage(kg/t) 5.0 3.2 35%

Comparison of dosage requirement with conventional (Venturi) mixing and OPTIFLOC™

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