Improving Costs, Improving Sustainability

Municipalities and process plants are under pressure to reduce the operating costs of their wastewater treatment facilities due to increasing demands on shrinking tax dollars. One of the most visible targets is the cost of dewatering chemicals. But it doesn’t end there. Haulage and landfill are assuming increasingly larger proportions of the plant budget. At the same time, Publicly Owned Treatment Works are subscribing to the need for increased sustainability.

The Optifloc™ mixers deliver quantifiable reductions in:

  • Polymer usage
  • Filtrate/centrate losses
  • Haulage
  • Landfill and incineration

The Optifloc mixing technology is also widely reported to improve consistency, control on the mechanical dewatering units, and stability in operation. The effect of a reduction in filtrate losses is difficult to quantify but there is a substantive benefit related to decreasing the recycle load on the biological treatment process.

Evaluation of the sludge/polymer mixing system should clearly be a critical component of any sludge optimization strategy.


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