About Optifloc

The Optifloc mixing technology offers a simple and cost-effective approach to optimizing any sludge processing system that includes mechanical dewatering as a component.

The Optifloc mixers are variable-speed mixers that generate high-energy mixing with a minimum of head-loss and are designed to avoid plugging or fouling.

Optifloc mixes polymer and sludge in a manner that provides well-conditioned flocs with better water release characteristics, resulting in:

  • Reduced polymer demand
  • Higher solids in the final cake
  • Fewer solids in the filtrate/centrate

Optifloc™ mixers find application in:


Municipal biosludge

  • Anaerobically digested
  • Mixed raw


  • Pulp and paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • ATAD


  • Belt presses
  • Centrifuges
  • Screw Presses
  • Gravity Belt Thickeners

Not All Mixers Are Equal

The Optifloc™ mixer technology sets a benchmark for sludge dewatering performance. The high-intensity mixing, designed to almost instantaneously disperse the flocculating agent, provides operators with an additional degree of freedom to optimize plant parameters, and, together with chemical dosing strategies, greatly improves control of dewatering under variable sludge conditions.

Features of the Optifloc™ mixers include

  • Minimal head losses
  • Mixing intensity independent of flow rates
  • Unimpeded flow even when the mixer is static
  • Ongoing flushing of the seal and shaft to eliminate fouling or plugging
  • Robust operation, with minimal maintenance
  • A variable speed impeller that can be optimized for each polymer/sludge combination.

Optifloc™ mixers have demonstrated polymer savings of up to 40% in practice, with concurrent increases in processing capacity, and reduced disposal costs. Experience at full-scale installations has shown that reducing the polymer dosage by as little as 2kg/t can result in payback periods of 6 months or less.


Optifloc Model Series 600 800
Dimensions: 150 mm (6”) inlet 200 mm (8”) inlet
Flow rates: 40 litres/sec (600 USGPM) 65 litres/sec (1,000 USGPM)
Motor: 5 HP 10 HP
Overall length: 1.22 m 1.45 m
Mass: 170 kg 186 kg
Power: 230, 460 or 575 VAC
Control: Variable frequency drive (VFD) with easy keypad control
Configuration: In-line installation, no floor space required

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